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Street Warriors Online Review

Street Warriors Online is a multiplayer game developed by Crazy Rock Studios. This game is played in 3D and is available as a free download. It has become a popular game with fans of the fight genre. There are reasons why it has attracted players to play it, and you too could join in the fun. Here’s what Street Warriors Online review have in store for you.

Street Warriors is a game that offers players different ways to play it, and this means that you can have lots of fun trying out the differing ways of playing it. You can get involved in a skirmish, in which anything goes. There can be up to 16 players involved in these fights, and you can chose the weapons you fight with. As you may be fighting 15 other players at the same time this game can certainly be non stop action. It will definitely test your brawling skills as you attempt to emerge victorious from the skirmish. Things get real rough and tumble in the middle of a great free for all fight.

If you do not want to play in Skirmish mode, there is always the Conquest option. Conquest is what your aim is, to go out and gain control of your opponents territory. Once you have taken over their territory you mark it as your conquest by graffiti. Be aware that other players will want to conquer your territory as well as regaining anything you have taken off them. You will need plenty of skill generally to beat all of your foes and take their territories away from them,

Another mode is the more traditional capture the flag format. You need to capture your flag before any of your opponents capture theirs. Whichever of the three playing modes you decide to play in, there will be plenty of thrills and spills along the way. This is a game that allows you to improve the more times that you play it. Street Warriors allows you to move and to fight at a fast pace in order to attempt to get the better of your opponents. It is a real test of your gaming skills as well as your mettle.

The skirmish mode was a great deal of fun, as it is all on action, and you have to fight long and hard to have any realistic chance of winning the contest. There is a little more of a framework in the Conquest and the Capture the Flag modes yet the fighting remains fun.

Whenever you play the game you gain experience points and the more points you earn the higher your ranking in the game. Now you can opt to play as an individual or as part of a team, or clan as teams are called in this game. When playing as clans all the members cooperate with each other in order to beat their rival clans. Once again victories give your clan more points to improve their ranking.

Over all then is a really entertaining first person fight game, and a lot of fun to play. That’s the Street Warriors Online review.

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