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Best Fightsticks for PC

There are some great fighting games available at the moment so now seems a good time to consider buying or upgrading your fightstick. A fightstick/pad can give you a significant edge over a decent PC gaming controller, such as the PlayStation, Xbox One or Stream controller when playing fighting games. But before buying one it is worth trying it out so that you know it can be used in comfort and is compatible with your PC and your console(s).

The Hori Fighting Stick Mini

This stick from Hori comes in a classic design featuring 8 buttons and a stick. It is sleek, black and you can take it anywhere. For just under $50 you get a fightstick that does everything it should do.

The Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick

This stick is actually easier to use for PCs than it is for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles as you do not have to plug a controller into it. It is a good starter stick and by pressing a button you chose to use the stick as a D pad or a joystick.

The Qanba Drone

Now this stick come in a striking black and yellow color combination, and is highly portable. For it’s mid price range you get a good quality product. It has a handy lock function, which prevents you from inadvertently pausing the action while you are in the middle of a game.

The 8BitDo N30 Arcade Stick

Although this arcade stick was mainly designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch it is still good for use with your PC. It looks like a throwback to an earlier Nintendo console yet there is nothing retro about it’s performance. The 8BitDo is a wireless stick and is fun to play games with.

The Mayflash F500

Just imagine the F300 with bright red buttons and improved performance, Mayflash already sell it in the shape of the F500. It supports the majority of gaming headsets and can be used with PCs and a wide range of consoles.

Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai

There are actually three versions of this arcade stick, the Pro V Kai is the one designed for PCs and Xbox consoles (Blue is for PlayStation and PC, Red is for the Nintendo Switch). This is a fightstick for serious players, and it will enhance your playing once you have mastered the stick and the control buttons. The metal accents look great besides preventing accidental pausing.

The Hori Arcade Pro N

The next step up from the Pro V is the Pro N, and that is a high quality fightstick. The turbo feature is a great one to have and use. The hidden pause button is a good feature to know about as well. You pay for premium quality and you certainly get that with the Pro N.

The Qanba Obsidian

Not only is the Obsidian a bright, flash and shiny fightstick, it is a really good one. The aluminum finish and the LED lighting makes it stand out in terms of appearance, yet is the performance you should take note of. Okay it costs a little more yet the extra performance makes it worth the extra expenditure. Those are our Best Fightsticks for PC.

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